If there were a way in which you could have your laboratory customers electronically send you the chain of custody directly to the lab, would you be interested?

And, if there was a way in which you could field generate your collected samples on your cell phone and electronically send it to the laboratory, would you be interested?

You’re probably wondering how?  Inter@ctive COC was created for the laboratory and the field user to serve both purposes.

Laboratories - I have a simple question for you - Why do you continue to accept hand written chain of custody's when the technology is available to accept them electronically?  Why wouldn't you want to reduce the costs of data entry by $4.00 to $8.75 per COC depending on the number of samples?


The Inter@ctive Chain of Custody was made for your laboratory.

  • Do you enjoy the challenge of transcribing someone's handwriting?  It's already typed out by Your Laboratory Customer ready for import into your LIMS.
  • The typewriter was replaced in the 1990's by the computer?  This phone, tablet, computer App is available today.
  • Are you afraid that someone will get into your LIMS?  It's just an email with data.
  • Let's show your management or your shareholders how you can reduce overhead costs by 75% or more .  Labs must automate as much as possible.
  • You say you already have an App or online data entry, excellent.  Now you can also use a universal App that was made specifically for the field user.  It's not in competition - it will supplement your existing IT.
  • Your lab clients are going to get wind of this App and ask you why your laboratory is not listed in the network!

Join the Inter@ctive COC Network of Laboratories as your laboratory customers purchase this App for their use, they will want your lab listed.

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An Electronic Chain of Custody on your mobile device.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the old ways.  I’m tired of filling out forms with a pen.  I’m tired of re-typing my data a number of times to send the report to my client.  I’m tired of the mistakes my lab makes, not because they do it on purpose, but because they can’t read my field tech’s writing.  I want something better, more efficient, something that will save money at all levels.

In the next era of the Chain of Custody, extreme levels of automation will be built into an application (App) and arrive out-of-the-box ready for you to use in the field thru the sample submission, to the data entry and analysis to the final presentation of results to the client.

Inter@ctive COC gives the field user a faster and error-free means of gathering and inputting pertinent information to the job at hand.  This simple App is compatible on both Android and Apple mobile products.  Instead of having multiple laboratory Apps on your phone, you could have ONE App that will keep your personal, company and jobsite data entered once.

The ridiculously low cost of purchase for this tool will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in efficiency.

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Field Users - I also have a simple question for you - Why do you continue to put pen to a paper chain of custody when the technology is available to send them electronically?