If there were a way in which you could have your laboratory customers electronically send you the chain of custody directly to the lab, would you be interested?

And, if there was a way in which you could field generate your collected samples on your cell phone, tablet or PC and electronically send it to the laboratory, would you be interested?

You’re probably wondering how?  Interactive COC was created for the laboratory and the field user to serve both purposes.

Laboratories - I have a simple question for you - Why do you continue to accept hand written chain of custody's when the technology is available to accept them electronically?  Why wouldn't you want to reduce the costs of data entry by $4.00 to $8.75 per COC depending on the number of samples?


Attention Laboratory Managers and Shareholders!

Unlock the Power of Interactive Chain of Custody and Boost Your Laboratory's Efficiency

Are you up for the challenge of deciphering handwritten COC documents? Why waste time on transcription when your laboratory customers can provide you with typed COC data ready for seamless import into your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)? Embrace the modern era and leave handwriting behind!

Say goodbye to the outdated keyboard era. Today, you can leverage the Interactive Chain of Custody app on phones, tablets, and computers. This cutting-edge solution was tailor-made for your laboratory, ensuring smooth data exchange and eliminating transcription headaches.

Are you concerned about data security? With Interactive COC, there's no need to worry. The COC data is securely transmitted via email, allowing you to receive the necessary information without compromising your LIMS.

Now, let's talk about cost reduction. Showcase to your management and shareholders how Interactive COC can slash your overhead data entry costs by 75% or more. Laboratories must embrace automation to stay competitive and drive efficiency.

If you already have an existing app or online data entry system, fantastic! Interactive COC complements your current IT infrastructure. It provides a universal app designed explicitly for field users, streamlining their processes and integrating seamlessly with your laboratory operations.

Don't let your lab clients miss out! As they adopt the Interactive COC app for their field use, they will discover the benefits and inquire why your laboratory is not listed in the Interactive COC network. Joining the network grants your laboratory increased visibility and the opportunity to serve a broader customer base.

The Interactive COC network of laboratories is growing rapidly, and your lab should be part of it. Imagine the advantages of being listed and recognized by customers who are already utilizing this game-changing app.

It's time to revolutionize your laboratory's COC processes, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency. Join the Interactive COC network of laboratories today and experience the power of automation firsthand. Don't let your competitors surpass you—stay at the forefront of the industry and embrace the future of COC management.

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Introducing the Next Era of Chain of Custody: Interactive COC - Your Mobile Solution

Are you tired of the archaic methods of pen and paper? Are you frustrated with the tedious process of re-typing data multiple times to send reports to your clients? Have you had enough of the mistakes caused by illegible handwriting in the field? It's time for a change—a better, more efficient solution that will save you money at every level.

Enter Interactive COC, the electronic Chain of Custody solution for your mobile device. Say goodbye to manual forms and hello to extreme levels of automation. This out-of-the-box application is designed to streamline your entire process, from sample submission and data entry to analysis and final results presentation to your clients.

Interactive COC empowers field users with a faster and error-free means of gathering and inputting essential information. This simple yet powerful app is compatible with both Android and Apple mobile devices. Instead of cluttering your phone with multiple laboratory apps, you can have ONE app that stores your personal, company, and jobsite data, eliminating repetitive entry.

The best part? The cost of purchasing this tool is ridiculously low, but the savings it brings are immense. Experience a significant increase in efficiency that can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. With Interactive COC, you'll see a remarkable return on investment.

Don't settle for outdated methods that drain your resources and cause unnecessary errors. Embrace the future of Chain of Custody with Interactive COC. It's time to take advantage of automation, streamline your processes, and save valuable time and money.

Get Interactive COC today and step into a new era of efficiency and accuracy. Say goodbye to the old ways and embrace a smarter, more cost-effective solution for your Chain of Custody needs.

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Field Users - I also have a simple question for you - Why do you continue to put pen to a paper chain of custody when the technology is available to send them electronically?