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It’s the year 2020 and the environmental industry is still conducting most of its fieldwork through the archaic pen to paper chain of custody.  Isn’t it time we modernize the way in which we enter, transfer and deliver data?  Inter@ctive COC delivers this ability.  Instead of a closed system where you must use “their” laboratory and the laboratory then uses “their” Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), Inter@ctive COC is agnostic.  Inter@ctive COC was designed to work with Any and All laboratories.

How many years have you struggled to enter your data after a long day of collecting samples?  It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s wet and you want to get home.  Enter your data in real time; when you collect the sample.  Enter the GPS location.  Enter a picture of the sample.  Do all the tedious transcription functions on-site when you take the sample.  Proceed by sending the COC to the lab, while dropping off the samples on your way home.

Inter@ctive COC gives the user a faster and error-free means of gathering and inputting pertinent field information, which maximizes output.  If your laboratory is not in our network, ask them to join – it’s free to set them up.

Consider weaving this product into your current data entry methods. Inter@ctive COC helps deliver menial, time-consuming tasks instantly; without the headache of human error.  Efficiency creates increased production, which yields increased revenues and profits.  Let Inter@ctive COC accomplish all these things for you!

Field User Key Features & Benefits

  • Use your Smartphone, Tablet or PC
  • Enter your Email Once
  • Enter your Name Once
  • Enter your Cell Phone Once
  • Enter your Signature Once
  • Enter your Company Name Once
  • Enter your Company Colors Once
  • Enter your Company Font Once
  • Enter your Company Logo Once
  • Enter your Company Address Once
  • Enter additional receipt Emails Once
  • Enter the Billing Information Once
  • Remotely Pre-fill Your Field Technician’s Job Order from the Office
  • Enter the Project Number for multiple COCs Once
  • Enter the Project Name for multiple COCs Once
  • Enter the Project Address for multiple COCs Once
  • GPS the Project Location
  • Pick Your Lab
  • Drop Down Menus of Available Laboratory Fields of Testing and Turnaround Times
  • Reduce Laboratory Data Entry Error
  • Improve Laboratory Efficiency and Accuracy
  • Pick Your Company as the Laboratory
  • Enter Repeating Sample Numbers Once
  • Enter Progressively Ascending Sample Numbers Once
  • Photographic Evidence of the Sample
  • GPS the Sample Location
  • Re-Sort Your Sample Listing
  • Tell the Lab When you are Dropping the Samples Off
  • Tell the Lab Where to Pick Up your Samples and What Time
  • Tell the Lab Which Courier (with Tracking) you are Sending the Samples by
  • Transfer your entire Chain of Custody to another User
  • Display in Standard or Military Time
  • Display the Date the way you Wish
  • Make the App Better with Your Feedback
  • Suggest Your Favorite Laboratory
  • Prioritize Your Favorite Laboratory Selection
  • Paperless Signed, Dated PDF Chain of Custody Emailed to you, your supervisor(s) and the Laboratory
  • Receive a Copy of a CSV Data File of your Samples to enter into a Report
  • Store & Search Old Projects
  • Sign On from Another Device without Data Loss!
  • One Time Purchase Price for
    • Bulk Chain of Custody
    • Air Chain of Custody
    • Asbestos Air Chain of Custody with Onsite Analysis
    • Multiple Fields of Testing Chain of Custody
    • Agriculture & Cannabis Chain of Custody
    • Forensic / Evidence / Police Chain of Custody
    • Geotechnical Chain of Custody (in progress)
    • Shipping Manifest - Cargo & Waste (in progress)


This App was made for your Laboratory!

Instead of you spending thousands of dollars to develop, build, market, maintain and improve an App – Inter@ctive COC has done it for you.

Mobile has become one of the most powerful technology platforms the consumer has ever experienced.  But even more notably to Inter@ctive COC, mobile has paved the way for some incredibly interesting business models that couldn’t even be imagined in earlier days.  It’s only once every decade we have the opportunity to capitalize on a platform shift: first from pen-to-paper to the PC to desktop web and now to the mobile Internet.  And, what if the business model was to share the bandwidth, development and database costs between hundreds of labs!

Your clients, the Field User, who have a phone in their pocket, will want the data they generate to be sent directly to your sample reception email.  It costs you nothing to set up, it allows Field Users that don’t use you now to consider your laboratory services and you only pay for the bandwidth when a transaction occurs. Along with the cost benefits of Inter@ctive COC, laboratories will also eliminate large amounts of paper documents.  Not only does this create a leaner office footprint, but it also allows laboratories to “Go Green” by saving paper for other uses.

Inter@ctive COC will add ALL of your laboratory fields of testing along with the corresponding turnaround times into the database.  Inter@ctive COC will set it up so that when your lab clients choose your laboratory, the COC and the CSV files get sent to whomever you want at the lab.  Inter@ctive COC will maintain the database, the bandwidth and the upgrades.  The only thing your lab would have to do is create a data bridge to import the CSV file - if you wish.

Data should only be entered once.  In today’s electronic world, it’s a matter of transferring data across platforms once entered.  If your laboratory automated that process from the CSV Inter@ctive COC sends, the lab could realize a cost of labor savings of thousands of dollars per month.  It has been calculated that the cost of a single COC entry is somewhere between $4.00 and $8.75.  Multiply either one of these numbers against your COC reception costs and approximate how Inter@ctive COC reduces your laboratories’ annual costs.


Join our Network of Laboratories for these Key Features & Benefits


  • No Set Up
  • No Database Maintenance


  • Receive Advanced Email Notification of Who is Sending Samples
  • Receive a PDF COC for Electronic Signature upon Sample Arrival
  • Receive Email Notification of What Type of Samples Analysis are Forthcoming
  • Receive Email Notification of When Samples are Coming In via
    • Drop Off
    • Pick Up
    • Courier
  • Receive Email Notification of How Many Samples are Coming In
  • Receive an Email Electronic Data File (CSV) to Import into your LIMS
  • Save Money


  • Almost Eliminate Your Data Entry Time
  • Significantly Increase Data Entry Proficiency
  • Eliminate Your Data Entry & Transcription Errors
  • Eliminate Handwriting Interpretation
  • Remove the Collection of Paper & Filing Cabinets
  • Accelerate the Flow of Information
  • No Contact Delivery of the Customers Chain of Custody
  • Schedule Laboratory Resources for Rush Samples and Specialized Testing
  • Move the Received Samples Directly to their Respective Analysis
  • Go Green, Go Paperless
  • Save Money

Types of Chain of Custody’s

Bulk Samples

Asbestos Air Samples

Air Samples

Hazardous Materials

Agriculture / Cannabis

Forensic (Law Enforcement/Crime Scene)

Geotechnical (in progress)