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Field Users, it's time to leave the pen and paper behind and step into the modern era of data management. The environmental industry still heavily relies on manual chain of custody processes, but Interactive COC is here to change that. It's time to revolutionize the way we enter, transfer, and deliver data.

Gone are the days of being restricted to a closed system where you have to use a specific laboratory, their forms and their Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Interactive COC is agnostic and designed to work with Any and All laboratories. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the freedom to work with the laboratory of your choice.

How many years have you struggled with entering data after a long day of sample collection? It's time-consuming and frustrating. With Interactive COC, you can enter your data in real time, right when you collect the sample. Capture the GPS location and even take a picture of the sample. Say goodbye to tedious transcription tasks and complete the chain of custody process on-site. Send the COC to the lab ahead of time, you drop off the samples at your favorite delivery service or on your way home. It's that simple and efficient.

Interactive COC empowers field users with a faster and error-free means of gathering and inputting pertinent field information. By maximizing output and minimizing errors, you'll experience increased production, leading to higher revenues and profits. Let Interactive COC work its magic for you.

Field User Key Features & Benefits

  • Use your Smartphone, Tablet or PC
  • Enter your Email Once
  • Enter your Name Once
  • Enter your Cell Phone Number Once
  • Enter your Signature Once
  • Enter your Company Name Once
  • Enter your Company Colors Once
  • Enter your Company Font Once
  • Enter your Company Logo Once
  • Enter your Company Address Once
  • Enter additional receipt Emails Once
  • Enter the Billing Information Once
  • Remotely Pre-fill Your Field Technician’s Job Order from the Office
  • Enter the Project Number for multiple COCs Once
  • Enter the Project Name for multiple COCs Once
  • Enter the Project Address for multiple COCs Once
  • GPS the Project Location
  • Pick Your Lab or be Your Own Lab
  • Drop Down Menus of Available Laboratory Fields of Testing and Turnaround Times
  • Reduce Laboratory Data Entry Error
  • Improve Laboratory Efficiency and Accuracy
  • Pick Your Company as the Laboratory
  • Enter Repeating Sample Numbers Once
  • Enter Progressively Ascending Sample Numbers Once
  • Photographic Evidence of the Sample
  • GPS the Sample Location
  • Re-Sort Your Sample Listing
  • Tell the Lab When you are Dropping the Samples Off
  • Tell the Lab Where to Pick Up your Samples and What Time
  • Tell the Lab Which Courier (with Tracking) you are Sending the Samples by
  • Transfer your entire Chain of Custody to another User
  • Display in Standard or Military Time
  • Display the Date the way you Wish
  • Make the App Better with Your Feedback
  • Suggest Your Favorite Laboratory
  • Prioritize Your Favorite Laboratory Selection
  • Paperless Signed, Dated PDF Chain of Custody Emailed to you, your supervisor(s) and the Laboratory
  • Receive a Copy of a CSV Data File of your Samples to enter into a Report
  • Store & Search Old Projects
  • Sign On from Another Device without Data Loss!

All these features and benefits are available to you for a low one-time purchase price. Whether you're dealing with bulk samples, air samples, asbestos air samples with onsite analysis, multiple fields of testing, agriculture and cannabis samples, forensic/evidence/police samples, geotechnical samples, or shipping manifest for cargo and waste, Interactive COC has got you covered.

Don't wait any longer. Embrace the electronic chain of custody revolution with Interactive COC. Say goodbye to manual processes and welcome efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings. It's time to upgrade your field data management.



Introducing the Ultimate Laboratory Solution - Interactive COC!

Leave behind the daunting and expensive process of developing, building, marketing, maintaining, and improving an App for your laboratory. We've taken care of it all for you!

In today's era, mobile technology has revolutionized the way consumers interact with the world. And Interactive COC has seized this opportunity to introduce innovative business models that were unimaginable before. This platform shift, from pen-to-paper to PC to desktop web, and now to the mobile Internet, comes once every decade. And now, we present you with a groundbreaking business model where the bandwidth, development, and database costs are shared among hundreds of labs!

Picture this: your field users, equipped with their smartphones, can seamlessly transmit the data they generate directly to your sample reception email. Setting up this seamless connection costs you nothing, while it entices potential field users to consider your laboratory services. Plus, you only pay for the bandwidth when a transaction occurs. Not only does Interactive COC bring you cost benefits, but it also eliminates the need for extensive paper documentation. By going digital, you'll create a leaner office footprint and contribute to a greener environment by conserving paper for other purposes.

With Interactive COC, we go above and beyond by adding all your laboratory testing fields and corresponding turnaround times into our comprehensive database. When your lab clients choose you, the Chain of Custody and CSV files are automatically sent to the designated recipients at your lab. Leave the database management, bandwidth, and upgrades to us – we've got you covered. All your lab needs to do is create a simple data bridge to import the CSV file to your LIMS, if you so desire.

Why enter data multiple times? In today's electronic age, it's all about seamless data transfer across platforms. By automating the process from the CSV files sent by Interactive COC, your lab could save thousands of dollars in labor costs each month. Studies indicate that a single COC entry costs between $4.00 and $8.75. Just imagine the impact on your lab's annual costs when you multiply these numbers by your COC reception volume. Interactive COC is here to reduce your laboratory's expenses significantly.

Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to revolutionize your laboratory operations with Interactive COC. Join us today and embrace the future of effortless efficiency, cost savings, and environmental sustainability!


Join our Network of Laboratories for these Key Features & Benefits


With Interactive COC, you can say goodbye to time-consuming setup and database maintenance. We offer a seamless solution that streamlines your laboratory operations while delivering unparalleled convenience and cost savings.

Imagine receiving advanced email notifications detailing the sender of incoming samples, along with a PDF COC for electronic signature upon sample arrival. Stay informed with email notifications about the types of sample analyses that are in progress. Whether samples are being dropped off, picked up by your people, or sent via courier, receive instant email notifications to keep you updated. Stay on top of your workload with email notifications informing you of the number of incoming samples.

Efficiency is paramount with Interactive COC. We provide an email electronic data file (CSV) that can be easily imported into your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), saving you precious time and effort. By leveraging our solution, you can almost eliminate data entry time, significantly increase data entry proficiency, and eradicate errors associated with manual transcription and handwriting interpretation. Bid farewell to paper and filing cabinets as we facilitate a paperless environment, accelerating the flow of information and ensuring a seamless chain of custody.

Our solution caters to various types of chain of custody requirements, including bulk samples, asbestos air samples, air samples, hazardous materials, agriculture/cannabis, forensic (law enforcement/crime scene), and geotechnical (in progress). We provide comprehensive functionality tailored to each domain.

Embrace sustainability by going green with Interactive COC. Eliminate the need for paper-based processes and contribute to a cleaner environment while saving money. Our platform also empowers you to schedule laboratory resources for rush samples and specialized testing, ensuring optimal resource allocation.

Join the countless laboratories that have already embraced the future of efficient operations with Inter@ctive COC. Unlock the potential for enhanced productivity, reduced costs, and a seamless laboratory workflow. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your laboratory practices. Get started with Inter@ctive COC today and experience the difference firsthand!