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Introducing the Next Era of Chain of Custody: Interactive COC - Your Mobile Solution

Are you tired of the archaic methods of pen and paper? Are you frustrated with the tedious process of re-typing data multiple times to send reports to your clients? Have you had enough of the mistakes caused by illegible handwriting in the field? It's time for a change—a better, more efficient solution that will save you money at every level.

Enter Interactive COC, the electronic Chain of Custody solution for your mobile device. Say goodbye to manual forms and hello to extreme levels of automation. This out-of-the-box application is designed to streamline your entire process, from sample submission and data entry to analysis and final results presentation to your clients.

Interactive COC empowers field users with a faster and error-free means of gathering and inputting essential information. This simple yet powerful app is compatible with both Android and Apple mobile devices. Instead of cluttering your phone with multiple laboratory apps, you can have ONE app that stores your personal, company, and jobsite data, eliminating repetitive entry.

The best part? The cost of purchasing this tool is ridiculously low, but the savings it brings are immense. Experience a significant increase in efficiency that can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. With Interactive COC, you'll see a remarkable return on investment.

Key Features & Benefits for Field Users

  • Use your Smartphone, Tablet, or PC
  • Enter your Email, Name, Cell Phone Number, Signature, Company Details, and more just Once
  • Remotely pre-fill your field technician's job order from the office
  • GPS the sample locations for accurate tracking
  • Pick your preferred lab from a list of options or be your own lab
  • Reduce laboratory data entry errors and improve efficiency and accuracy
  • Capture photographic evidence of the sample
  • Communicate with the lab about sample drop-off, pick-up, and courier details
  • Transfer the entire chain of custody to another user
  • Customize display preferences for time and date format
  • Provide feedback to make the app even better
  • Receive a paperless, signed, and dated PDF chain of custody via email
  • Obtain a CSV data file of your samples for easy integration into reports
  • Store and search old projects for future reference
  • Seamless sign-on from another device without losing any data

All these features and benefits are available to you for a low one-time purchase price. Whether you're dealing with bulk samples, air samples, asbestos air samples with onsite analysis, multiple fields of testing, agriculture and cannabis samples, forensic/evidence/police samples, geotechnical samples, or shipping manifest for cargo and waste, Interactive COC has got you covered.

Don't settle for outdated methods that drain your resources and cause unnecessary errors. Embrace the future of the Chain of Custody with Interactive COC. It's time to take advantage of automation, streamline your processes, and save valuable time and money.

Get Interactive COC today and step into a new era of efficiency and accuracy. Say goodbye to the old ways and embrace a smarter, more cost-effective solution for your Chain of Custody needs.

Don't wait any longer. Embrace the electronic chain of custody revolution with Interactive COC. Say goodbye to manual processes and welcome efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings. It's time to upgrade your field data management.



Experience the Future of Laboratory Efficiency - Introducing Interactive COC!

With Interactive COC, you can say goodbye to time-consuming setup and database maintenance. We offer a seamless solution that streamlines your laboratory operations while delivering unparalleled convenience and cost savings.

Imagine receiving advanced email notifications detailing the sender of incoming samples, along with a PDF Chain of Custody (COC) for electronic signature upon sample arrival. Stay informed with email notifications about the types of sample analyses that are in progress. Whether samples are being dropped off, picked up, or sent via courier, receive instant email notifications to keep you updated. Stay on top of your workload with email notifications informing you of the number of incoming samples.

Efficiency is paramount with Interactive COC. We provide an email electronic data file (CSV) that can be easily imported into your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), saving you precious time and effort. By leveraging our solution, you can almost eliminate data entry time, significantly increase data entry proficiency, and eradicate errors associated with manual transcription and handwriting interpretation. Bid farewell to paper and filing cabinets as we facilitate a paperless environment, accelerating the flow of information and ensuring a seamless Chain of Custody.

Our solution caters to various types of Chain of Custody requirements, including bulk samples, asbestos air samples, air samples, hazardous materials, agriculture/cannabis, and forensic (law enforcement/crime scene). We provide comprehensive functionality tailored to each domain.

Embrace sustainability by going green with Interactive COC. Eliminate the need for paper-based processes and contribute to a cleaner environment while saving money. Our platform also empowers you to schedule laboratory resources for rush samples and specialized testing, ensuring optimal resource allocation.

Join the countless laboratories that have already embraced the future of efficient operations with Interactive COC. Unlock the potential for enhanced productivity, reduced costs, and a seamless laboratory workflow. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your laboratory practices. Get started with Interactive COC today and experience the difference firsthand!

The Interactive Chain of Custody was made for your laboratory.

  • Do you enjoy the challenge of transcribing someone's handwriting?  It's already typed out by Your Laboratory Customer ready for import into your LIMS.
  • The typewriter was replaced in the 1990's by the computer?  This phone, tablet, computer App is available today.
  • Are you afraid that someone will get into your LIMS?  It's just an email with data.
  • Let's show your management or your shareholders how you can reduce overhead costs by 75% or more .  Labs must automate as much as possible.
  • You say you already have an App or online data entry, excellent.  Now you can also use a universal App that was made specifically for the field user.  It's not in competition - it will supplement your existing IT.
  • Your lab clients are going to get wind of this App and ask you why your laboratory is not listed in the network!


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