My Story

In 2001, I made a career transition from the Hazardous Abatement field to the Hazardous Consulting sector. During this time, I observed field technicians struggling with issues such as penmanship, accuracy, and efficiency. Motivated by my desire to streamline processes, I took it upon myself to develop an Excel spreadsheet that emulated the lab-supplied chain of custody. My intention was to provide a typed version of the chain of custody to the laboratory, thereby expediting their data entry process. I also recognized that handwritten notes did not present a professional image in formal reports of results. Clients who invest their hard-earned money in these reports should be able to comprehend them easily without deciphering illegible handwriting or learning industry jargon. Additionally, I believed that companies should have the freedom to customize these documents with their own branding elements, such as their company name, logo, and color scheme.

As time went on, I continually refined the design, look, feel, and organization of the chain of custody spreadsheet. When others in my industry caught wind of what I had created, they expressed interest in obtaining a copy. However, I politely declined, understanding that sharing this advantage would undermine the unique position I had developed.

Meet Cory Suppes

I’m originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and I also spent a portion of my life residing in Calgary, Alberta. At the age of 19, I made a decision to transfer from the University of Alberta to the University of Denver with the intention of pursuing hockey. However, circumstances led me to discover a passion for volleyball instead. Following my college years, I returned to Canada and spent a year living in Toronto. Nevertheless, my heart yearned to be back in the United States. In 1986, I embarked on a journey across the Freedom Bridge in Detroit, Michigan, and made my way to Denver, Colorado.  It was in Denver where I met my beautiful American girl, and together, we have shared a fulfilling journey since 1987.  In 1992, I obtained US citizenship, thus becoming a dual citizen of both Canada and the United States. While I still passionately support the Edmonton Oilers and the Canadian National Hockey Team, my allegiance lies predominantly with the USA. Our time in California was marked by the joy of raising three remarkable sons, and our family has experienced immeasurable love and affection through our beloved Golden Retrievers and Doberman Pinschers, who hold a special place in our hearts.  All, are the loves of my life.

Peable Beach 2012 Photo

Throughout my career, I held various roles in different consulting companies, including Project Manager, Branch Manager, Vice President, and President. Throughout these positions, I consistently relied on my spreadsheet, which continued to evolve and incorporate features that enhanced both my own work and that of my field personnel. I extensively field-tested it to accommodate the diverse challenges presented by the Hazardous Waste industry.

In the meantime, the emergence of the revolutionary iPhone by Apple in the technology landscape piqued my interest. It prompted me to question why we couldn't bypass the conventional pen-and-paper approach, laboratory data entry, and lab analysis process. This idea took shape during a Christmas break in 2010 while I was waiting for my son's basketball practice to start. Sitting in the school parking lot, I envisioned a working model or storyboard illustrating how a field person could utilize their iPhone to streamline the workflow. Using Excel as a foundation, I meticulously crafted a design that resembled the interface of an iPhone. For three years, I devoted myself to refining every aspect, meticulously editing, deleting unnecessary parts, and ultimately reaching a point where I deemed it complete.

In 2013, I drafted a scope of work and submitted it to programmers for bidding through open forums. The range of prices I received varied greatly, and I made a decision based on affordability, which turned out to be a mistake. After entering into a contract with a programmer, it became evident that they were ill-equipped for the task and eventually quit. Not only did they abandon the project, but they also withheld the funds, displaying audacity by requesting final payment despite the lack of functionality in the product.

Over the following years, I approached several other programmers, but their costs were prohibitively high due to the relatively nascent state of app development at that time. In 2016, I founded CMS Environmental Services and focused on refining the spreadsheet version of my idea. Finally, in 2018, I had the opportunity to discuss the nuances of the app concept with a local programmer face-to-face. Observing their keen interest and diligent note-taking, I became convinced that this firm was the right choice to restart the development process.

It took a year and a half of thoroughly scrutinizing each entry point, but eventually, we arrived at a product that I am proud to announce as ready for use today. I am excited to share my Inter@ctive COC design with you.

During my college years, I developed a strong affinity for programming through the programming classes I attended. I would often stay up late into the night, determined to decipher the intricacies of coding. Teaching assistants recommended that I pursue a career in programming, but I dismissed the idea, fearing the strain it would place on my eyes from prolonged computer screen exposure. Ironically, in today's world, we all find ourselves constantly fixated on computer and phone screens. Although I may have missed my calling in the computer programming world, I firmly believe that my journey has led me to the present moment.

I possess an unwavering passion for solving complex business problems, continuously seeking ways to improve processes, enhance speed, simplify complexity, increase efficiency, and ultimately maximize profitability. I thrive in innovative environments, constantly developing new products and services while striving for efficient deployment. Throughout my career in the environmental industry, I have consistently employed technology to simplify our work. While Excel remained my primary tool, I expanded my knowledge to include HTML when I embarked on the creation of a comprehensive resource called Ballparks by Munsey and Suppes. This project allowed me to accumulate vast amounts of information, organize it effectively, and present it in an easily accessible format. Although I have since put "Ballparks" on hold due to the demands of life, the experience opened my eyes to the boundless possibilities of the internet.

I would like to request your assistance. There may be aspects that I have overlooked or programming errors that have gone unnoticed. Your feedback is invaluable, as I understand that even after initiating this project in the early 2000s, there may still be aspects that require refinement.

With over 35 years of experience in the environmental industry, the convergence of organization, laboratory expertise, environmental knowledge, and programming has culminated in the creation of Inter@ctive COC. I hope you find it enjoyable and beneficial to your needs.

Allow me to ask for your assistance.  There will be something that I did not think of or the programmer’s mis-programmed.  That’s ok, please let me know.  I am humble enough to know that after starting this way back in the early 2000’s that there are still some aspects that we haven’t flushed out.

Being in the environmental industry over 33 years created a confluence of organization, laboratory, environmental and programming to create .  I hope you enjoy it.